Southampton Rotary Club Office

39 Grey Street, S
Southampton, Ontario, 3000
Canada. N0H 2L0
Phone: 519 797 3151
Club Meets at 6:30pm each Wednesday

World Headquarters - Rotary International

One Rotary Center, 1560 Sherman Ave.
Evanston, IL
USA 60201-3698,
Phone: +1 866-976-8279 (toll free)

Need Help or Assistance from Rotary?

Serving the community since 1938...! The Club supports a wide range of local community based projects and initiatives and we are always willing to hear from people in our area who need help. Any request for help and assistance must be accompanied with a response to the following questions:

1) Name of the person/group requesting help and contact details
2) Description of need
3) What are the goals of the project?
4) What is the project timeline?
5) How will the community as a whole benefit from the project?

6) What is the total budget for the project?
7) Which other organizations will be solicited to help/participate?
8) What is the cash amount being requested or other form of help being requested.
9) What are the success criteria (i.e. How will the success of the project be measured?)

NOTE: Activities NOT normally funded by Southampton include the following: Intermediate Funding Agencies e.g. United Way, National Charities, Political Institutions, Requests from outside our Geographical area, Private Schooling, Individual Recreation requests, Ongoing Project Running Expenses, For Profit Organizations, Organizations/Projects that have received a grant in the past 2 years unless part of an agreed programme of support, High Risk Projects.

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