Pioneer Park 1988 - Refurbishment
The park was re-dedicated on August 23rd, 1988 during Neil Sinclair's presidency. The club contributed in excess of $20,000 to restore it after a bad storm damaged it in October 1986.
The funds came from Bingo profits.
The Park is now maintained on behalf of the Town by volunteers from the Marine Heritage Propeller Club.
The Rotary Hall (Guide and Scout Hall)
The original building was moved from the Bruce Nuclear site in 1980 during Art Eby's presidency.
Contractors and Rotarians Sieg Seehaver and Kees Veerman spearheaded the project and many Rotarians volunteered their time. Doug Kreutzweiser did the electrical and the plumbing. Many Rotarians worked at making a foundation to raise the building to Its present height.
In 1995, Southampton Rotary Club spent $40,000 on the expansion of the south side of the building( garage, a playroom, a storage room). John Coenders was the
chairman of the Building for the Future Committee. Rotarian Bob Murawsky designed the new addition.
In 2002, during Bob Speight's presidency, the club painted the hall and started using It weekly for Its meetings. Mary Ellen Harrigan catered the meals each week.
In 2012 a Federal Government "Enabling Accessibility" Grant developed by Rotarians Tony Sheard and John Conlin allowed us to make a new kitchen on the south side of the hall and an accessible washroom on the north side. The front entrance was also made fully accessible with power doors.
1980 to 1989
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