Toonies 4 Tom
This event is now closed.
Mission Accomplished.
Southampton Rotary Club donates a Barrowful of Toonies to the CT Scanner Campaign.
A BIG Thank You to our community and all the businesses who took a collecting tub and especially our elementary school students for rising to the Southampton Rotary Schools Challenge.

With ALL your support, together we raised $20,002….!
However, we have been asked to re-run it by the Chamber of Commerce on Friday July 1, CANADA DAY at the Flag in Southampton. So watch out for Toonies For Tom 2 "The Sequel". 
TOONIES FOR TOM - FAMILY FUN DAY SUNDAY JUNE 12th, 2022 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
High Street, DownTown Southampton
Helping bring a CT Scanner to our Hospital in Southampton 
The event will go Rain or Shine..!
What’s Toonies For Tom?
The Rotary Club of Southampton is helping to raise funds for the CT Scanner, ‘Bring Tom to Town’ Campaign for our Hospital at a fun and inclusive event under a one-off event called “Toonies For Tom”.
Most people can spare a Toonie for a good cause especially when it benefits everyone in our community. It specifically gives children the opportunity to participate.
The Event
The community will be asked to collect toonies in the hope, we can collect enough that if we laid them in a line it would go from the Southampton Flag at Dominion Point (Lake Huron) to the Hospital. The first 150 people to bring 10 Toonies or equivalent donation (Min of $20) will receive a Commemorative Toonies For Tom Limited Edition Tote Bag courtesy of Hill’s Insurance, Southampton.
The Fun Activities
  • Toonie Toss for children (and Adults too!)  to bring toonies and receive prizes*
  • Live musical entertainment
  • Student colouring and art competition, courtesy of the Southampton Art Centre and Brannan Wealth Management,
  • Free popcorn*
  • Emergency vehicles on display and more....
  • Note: * indicates whilst stocks last.
Toonie For Tom Trail Board
Progress of the amount of Toonies collected will be recorded on a TOONIE FOR TOM TRAIL BOARD and the results and donors will be progressively declared throughout the day.
NOTE: For logistics and safety reasons we will not be physically laying the coins but using a tally board graphic specially created by our friends at Southampton Arts to depict the progress throughout the day.

Our Toonie Exchange
If you don't have any Toonies for the Toss....don't worry....!
Drop by our Toonie Exchange Bank and we will happily exchange your notes or credit card donations for an equivalent amount of Toonies. Southampton Rotary is always happy to serve.
The event will commence with a ceremonial tossing of a Toonie by Kate Cammidge, the daughter of our inspiration for the Toonies for Tom idea, Marnie Cammidge.
Art Competitions
We are thrilled our friends at Southampton Arts, are partnering with us by overseeing and judging our Toonies For Tom Art Competitions.  
1) Colouring competition for the following age groups.
  • Age 5 and under
  • Age  6 & 7
  • Age 8 & 9
  • Age 10 & 11
The winners in each category  will receive a $50 voucher to Turtle Crossing
Rules and the drawing to colour can be downloaded on the download links below.
Paper copies will be available from each elementary school, Southampton Arts at the Town Hall Southampton.
2) Open freestyle art submission. 
Students aged 12 and above are invited to produce a work of art with the theme: “What does our local hospital mean to me?”
To be eligible to win a prize ALL students must bring their entry personally on June 12th to the Southampton Arts Competition Tent on the High Street between 11 am and 2 pm 
The entrants will be judged and the prize winners announced at 3 pm.
The winner will receive $50 in Chamber Bucks. The rules can be downloaded at the download link below.
The competition is generously sponsored by Cindy Brannan of Brannan Wealth Management, Southampton.
The Southampton Arts are producing an artist impression of the Toonie for Tom Trail up the High Street, from the Southampton Flag to the Hospital so we may track our fundraising progress.
Rotary would like to challenge Saugeen Shores students to help bring a CT Scanner to Southampton Hospital. The Hospital Foundation has launched the “HELP BRING TOM TO TOWN” campaign (TOM because it is a TOMography machine). Southampton Rotary Club is helping by organizing fundraising events called TOONIES for TOM in the hope we will collect enough toonies that IF we laid them side by side they would extend from the flag in Southampton to the Hospital.
At the end of May, Rotary will provide each elementary class with a diagram depicting the route from the flag in Southampton to the Hospital. We would ask each student to bring one toonie then colour in a dot on the diagram and put their name on it. There would be one dot for each student and extra dots if needed in the “hospital” on the diagram. Stickers would be provided to give to each student. Each class will also be presented with a certificate “We helped bring TOM to TOWN” to acknowledge their donation and as a thank you from Rotary and the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation.
Our hope is that this will make students aware of public service and that they can make a difference by contributing to this great cause that will save lives and give better and more timely patient care close to home
Each participating school will be eligible for a $50 grant for Library books. The school which collects the most Toonies per capita will be awarded a further book grant of $200.
The school donations would be collected on Thursday, June 9th so they can be included in the count of toonies at the TOONIES for TOM FAMILY FUN DAY on Sunday, June 13th from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm in downtown Southampton. 
Live Music on High, Sponsored by Bruce Power
11: 30 to 1 pm  - Amber May.
Singer Song Writer 
1:30 to 3 pm - Get Back
Beatles Tribute Band...Music of the 60's
Emergency Vehicle Display - "Touch a Truck"
Come along and get up close to a selection of emergency,  public works, and specialist vehicles at our "Touch a Truck" display.
  • Fire Truck
  • Police Cruiser
  • Bruce County Ambulance
  • Bruce Power Response Vehicle
  • Town Front Loader
  • Town Dump Truck
  • Great Lakes Tree Experts Vehicle. 
NOTE: Vehicles are subject to operational availability.
Food and Drink on High
Enjoy food and drink at the following great restaurants and bars on High Street.
  • Duffy's - Enjoy their Famous Fish and Chips.
  • Lucky Convenience - Pizza and more
  • Fun Ice Cream Parlour - great cones and chocolate.
  • Light House - All-day breakfasts and more...
  • Outlaw - Enjoy a takeout
  • Dizzy Bird - Great coffee and more...
  • 797 - opening specially for lunch*
  • High View - opening specially for lunch*
  • Walker House - great pub fare 
Shopping on High -  # SHOPLOCAL
Take the opportunity to browse the various merchants, and perhaps you may find the ideal Father's Day Gift & more...
  • A Little of This And That
  • Cook's Cupboard
  • Light House Photo Gallery
  • Southampton Olive Oil Co'
  • Rhumba
  • La Lac Boutique
  • Sisters
  • Re:Mind Wellness* (incl Water Bottle Filling Station)
  • L & Co
  • The Hampton's
(* indicates businesses opening specially for the event)
Our Inspiration - In Memory of Marnie Cammidge (1936 - 2021)
You might say this idea was born in 1947, except at that time it was called “10 cents for the hospital”.
In 1947 a child had drowned in Southampton and the then Mayor, Ellis Millard, decided that Southampton needed a hospital in the area. The existing hospital had been a tourist lodge and it was bought and slowly turned into a hospital with many additions over the years.
It was my mother’s idea at age 11 to raise money for the hospital by placing two-way tape from the Southampton Hotel (where she lived- now the Outlaw Brew Co.) to the current day Post Office. She rounded up all of her friends and they manned the tape making sure no one stole the money. One of her friends that helped her was Gladys Eby of Port Elgin. I am not sure exactly how much money was raised that day but it contributed to the hospital we have today.
Then in 1997, 50 years later, my mom was now a member of the hospital board and for the 50th anniversary of the hospital she set out to replicate all of the activities from 50 years earlier. I am sure she was the only one that sat on the board that had actually been involved in both events!
Now, another 25 years later we are embracing the same activities for the same cause, my mother would be honoured. Having been a polio victim she knew all too well how important it was to have a hospital nearby. If you want to help by donating or volunteering to help with ‘Toonies For Tom’ please come by on Sunday June 12th and start collecting your toonies now.
With Thanks,
In memory of Marnie Cammidge (1936-2021)
Kate Cammidge-Irwin
Sponsor Opportunities:
  • Live Music Sponsor - $750 (Taken by Bruce Power) 
  • School Toonie Challenge - $500 (Each participating Elementary School will receive a cheque for 50 dollars towards library books and the winning school will receive $250)
  • Toonie Toss Prizes - $250 
  • Art Competition - $250 (Taken by Brannan Wealth Management)
  • Toonie Trail, Tally Board Sponsor – Supply of materials and artists. (Materials, taken by RONA, Southampton, and artists generously provided by Southampton Arts)
  • Tote Bag Sponsor - Taken by Hills Insurance, Southampton.
  • In-kind supporters - Chapman's Ice Cream, RONA Southampton. The Town of Saugeen Shores, Great Lakes Tree Experts.
Sponsors will be recognized through social media, our website, and on the day of the event.