Rotary Winterama is a FUN AND FUNDRAISING PROJECT promoted by the Rotary Clubs of Southampton, Tara, and Port Elgin held in February each year for the benefit of local schools and Youth Programs in our area.
This year eight local schools are set to take their winter activities to the next level through February, in an attempt to travel virtually around the world in 28 days. Students from GC Huston, EPESCS, Northport, St. Joseph's, SDSS, Sauble, Hepworth and Tara will be skiing, skating, snowshoeing, sledding, walking and running their kilometers, to compete against, and alongside, other students, classes, schools and assorted club groups.
Big winter movers will win bronze, silver or gold medals for reaching target individual distances, and top classes in each school will win recess activity buckets full of fun, active things to do at recess. Rotary Winterama skates with Bearama have been booked for noon on February 25th (Plex) and noon February 26th at Shallow Lake.
The Nuclear Promise X Company (NPX) from Kincardine has kindly designed a Winterama website app where students record their kilometres daily, see how they rank compared to others, and track their Winterama journey around the world.
While enjoying their winter activities and keeping active, students are collecting pledges from supporters to earn money for their schools' special projects. Local businesses and individuals have also generously sponsored the event, to help defray costs and to support Rotary youth programs in our area.
Over $550,000 has been raised and distributed back to local schools and the community in the past 20 years.
How it works:
What and when is this Rotary Winterama “Move On Out” Challenge?
The Rotary Winterama “Move On Out” Challenge is being offered, from February 1st to 28th, to 8 participating local schools. Last year, students collectively travelled half way around the world with their winter activities! This year, we want you to go ALL the way around the world!!! Schools, classes and individuals can challenge themselves in wintry fashion, and earn money for their schools while they are logging kilometres.
Where will we do the activites?
You can do them outside or at any arena/ facility. These include your local arena, rink, ski club, ski hills, trails, sliding hills or walking routes.
Where do we record our kilometres?
Record your kms, using your personal ID on the NPX Innovation Winterama app, CLICK HERE
We are VERY grateful to NPX Innovation from Kincardine for providing this great app to record your results.
Why should we participate?
We encourage you to challenge yourself, your class or school to strive for a personal fitness or social goal. Also, if your class is the top kilometre class in your school, they will win a recess activity bucket full of fun things to do at recess. And, you can show your citizenship skills by earning money for your school. Remember, 100% of what you earn will go directly back to your school.
How do we get pledges for activities that we decide to do?
Some people will want to sponsor you a given amount to encourage your overall participation. Others may want to sponsor you a certain amount of money ($0.50 or $1.00) for every km that you travel in your chosen activity. Either way, remember that while you are logging personal kilometres, you will also be earning important dollars to help your school out!
You can use the paper pledge form, to keep track of your pledges, or you can create your own Canada Helps pledge web page CLICK HERE   To get Paper Pledge Form CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
What if we have trouble with kilometre recording or the Canada Helps pledge tracking?
To see how the NPX kilometre tracking website AND the pledge tracking website works, just watch our instructional video CLICK HERE
What are the events?
When public skating, count your laps. Every 6 laps counts as one kilometre. When playing hockey or attending a figure skating lesson, every game or lesson counts as 3 kms of skating.
Downhill Skiing
Every complete run counts as a kilometre.
Cross-Country Skiing
Look at the club map or google maps to see how many kms you travelled in your loops, or just assume that, for every 10 minutes, you travelled one kilometre.
Use a map or google maps to track your kms, or assume that,for every 15 minutes, you travelled one kilometre.
Walking / Hiking / Running
Use a map or google maps to track your kms, or assume that, for every 10 minutes of brisk walking, you travelled one kilometre. If you are jogging, give yourself a km every 7 minutes.
Look at the length of your run, and see how many runs add up to 1000 m or a kilometre. Remember that walking back up the hill counts too!!!
Enjoy and Thank you for particpating..!
Winterama pays back over $12,000 at award ceremonies at local schools around the area.
Local Elementary School Students Get Active With the Rotary Winterama Olympics Challenge organised by Southampton Rotary Club and Tara Rotary Club.
Local elementary school students earned important fundraising dollars for their schools, and embraced winter activities this past February through the 20th Annual Rotary Winterama campaign. Students brought in a collective total of over $12,000 directly to their schools, to help fund breakfast programs and important school projects. Local corporations, businesses, and individual supporters generously stepped up as well, and donated over $12,000 to the campaign, allowing the participating Rotary Clubs to defray the costs of Winterama, and broaden their services to support youth programs in our area. This year’s Winterama offered a Winter Olympics Challenge to students, where students accumulated kilometres doing fun winter activities during the period of the 2022 Winter Olympics. High-achieving students in local schools earned bronze, silver, and gold medals if they met certain kilometre benchmarks. Top classes in each school were also awarded a recess activity bucket, hand-delivered by Bearama, to help them keep active at recesses.
Participating students in local schools logged a total of over 21, 000 kilometres during the campaign… more than halfway around the world! See some of the smiling faces below, skating with Winterama mascot “Bearama", and later wearing their medals. A total of 233 students skated, skied, sledded, hiked, and snowshoed their way to their Rotary Olympic Challenge medals, and many more accumulated kilometres trying their best.
The top four pledge-earning students in Winterama also won prizes for their hard work fundraising for their schools. In first place was Charlie Schaab, EPESCS, who raised $1200. Second place prizes winners were Serenity and Andre Saunders, G.C. Huston, who each raised $795. Third place went to Sam Stephenson, EPESCS, who raised $720 for his school.
Amabel Sauble deserves a special mention, despite being the smallest school population-wise (162). They accumulated a total of 6603 kms, or 41 kms per student!!!
A big THANK YOU to all 2022 Winterama participants, sponsors and supporters!!